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Utilise one of our automated tools to increase your trading edge. These tools are used institutionally and by many retail traders.

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  • QuickTrader

    The tool auto calculates lot size and risk per trade based on your chosen risk settings. It displays your lot size, trade risk and potential profit in a visual panel, whilst displaying the entry line, stop loss line and take profit line on your chart.

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  • Cluster 2.0

    Cluster 2.0 shows potential turning points in the market and uses multiple filters to present the best potential turning points. Whilst this is its core functionality Cluster 2.0 also has trend identification built in and also identifies hidden divergence both on chart and on the indicator.

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  • FX Sweeper

    FX Sweeper aims to make trading the market easy by letting you know which currencies are most aligned with a direction and monitors the volatility of all pairs on top of direction.

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  • RangeTrader

    Range Trader is an indicator that constantly measures the volatility of the instrument traded. In turn, this then creates dynamic support and resistance levels based on current market conditions. It will then measure potential volatility spikes in the market and notify the trader of potential reversals and subsequently potential trading setups.

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  • GMT Pivot Points Plus

    Get the best out of your Cluster and Trademate algorithms by combining them with technical pivot points. Add GMT pivots to your charts as Samuel demonstrates in his webinars.

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