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Samuel Leach started Samuel & Co Trading in 2012 after successfully implementing his personal trading strategies to grow his trading account and this caught the eye of the public.

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About Us
Our Work Ethic

Our Work Ethic

We believe in better! This is projected through our team of successful and experienced traders and coaches.

Whether you are new to the markets or a seasoned trader our team aims to provide the best guidance and support you need to progress in the financial markets. Our market presence is rapidly growing due to our reputation as well as listening to feedback we have received from individuals we have worked with.


Our Core Principles

We pride ourselves on adhering to these core principles


We build relationships based on trust and care for others. We seek quality in everything we do and accept accountability.


We do our best to look after our community and the world around us with our charity events.


We tell the truth, communicate clearly and aim to deliver on all of our promises.

Our Global Footprint

We have taught over 10,000 individuals from 139 countries since 2012.

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Meet The Team

  • Elliot Guinn

    I have worked with Samuel & Co Trading since 2017. I have a first class honours degree in Finance and Economics and I have previously worked with and for banks and consultancy firms as a risk analyst. I have been trading the financial markets for over 10 years and I completed my IMC qualification in 2019. My day to day role includes developing trading tools and expert advisors as well as implementing the company strategy to drive growth.

    Elliot Guinn

    UK Managing Director

  • Raj Singh

    I’ve worked for Samuel & Co trading for over 7 years, when I joined we were a team of 4, we are now a team of nearly 500 traders. For the past 5 years, my main role has been a trading coach. I have the pleasure of coaching a wide range of traders, from those who are new to the market to seasoned traders struggling to achieve consistency, it is very rewarding to see our traders improve with us. I am also the head of recruitment, for which I work with my team to ensure the right traders join us to continue our growth.

    Raj Singh

    Trading Coach & Head of Recruitment

  • Adrian Leach

    I am the Senior Mindset Coach at Samuel & Co Trading and have been working for Samuel & Co Trading since 2012. My role involves working closely with the trainees and senior traders all over the world, helping to correct any psychological issues they may experience as part of their initial training or full-time work trading the financial markets, that could interfere with their performance.

    I am a qualified hypnotherapist and I have a diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy as well as Advanced Hypnotherapy (Ultra-Depth) with James Ramey, USA. For the past 20 years, I have heavily researched and studied Energy Psychology Therapies, including but not limited to: TFT, EFT, NLP, Energy Medicine, TCM, Kirlian Photography, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Yuen Method and I have a PSYCH-L diploma.

    Adrian Leach

    Head of Mindset

  • Atish Patel

    I joined Samuel & Co in 2015 and had the privilege of being taught by Samuel Leach. As Head Trainer I have taught over 1000 recruits. I take pride in assisting traders profit from the market and coaching them to manage larger capital through monthly performance reviews. I am a strong believer in diversification not just within my investment portfolio but also in wealth creation. Outside of trading I have built two thriving businesses in Hospitality & Health Care.

    Atish Patel

    FX Trader & Head Trainer

  • Matthew Wright

    Director with broad skill set and 24 years experience in the Technology field.

    An active trader for over 10 years. I've had the privilege of working at the FCA, the UK's oldest bank and financial institutions around the world.

    I've worked in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Australia & throughout Africa delivering technology solutions that make life better for our customers - you!

    Matthew Wright


  • Liam Sharvell

    I have been working at Samuel and Co Trading for 4 years, before joining I was studying Biochemistry at Royal Holloway University. I didn't have any professional trading experience prior to joining but I did have a strong interest in the financial markets and politics which I felt would serve me well in this career path. Being an education manager involves  various roles across the company including recruitment, project management and trader support as well as being an FX Trader. I am currently undertaking the IMC to further my knowledge around the industry in general.

    Liam Sharvell

    Education Manager

  • Christian Wiechert

    I’m part of the Sales Team at Samuel and Co Trading, I was previously part of the recruitment team after joining the team as a Junior Trader back in January 2021. I have a passion for trading and finance. I trade Indices, FX, the VIX and Stocks. I am a keen Golfer and enjoy working out.

    Christian Wiechert

    Sales Executive

  • Zsolt Viczian

    My background is in the hospitality sector and I have worked in multiple countries across the globe. Being a qualified Chef, my interest turned towards the financial world 5-6 years ago and I decided to undertake the JTP programme with S&Co in 2018. From then I was a regular visitor to their trading floor in Watford offices. I took part in the recent Real Forex Trader series and thereafter I became a member of the sales team in April.

    Zsolt Viczian

    Sales Support

  • Klevis Janina

    I'm Klevis Janina, a professional Filmmaker with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. I have been filming and editing videos for TV shows, social media, documentaries, commercials, fashion shows, live events etc.

    I have been a part of Samuel and Co Trading since November 2019. I've been leading the production team on different projects such as filming and editing "The Real Forex Trader" series 2, 3 and 4 as well as creating a variety of content for the Instagram and YouTube channels of Samuel Leach.

    Klevis Janina

    Media Production Manager

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