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Join our CPD accredited financial trading programme and you will be joining our community of over 400 traders from around the world who have benefitted from our engaging education and insightful industry knowledge to take their first steps on the road to becoming a financial trader.

Get Funded with Samuel & Co.

6 Steps to $100k

Our clear progression steps ensure that your market skills and successes are recognised and rewarded. Traders who demonstrate profitability can look forward to account expansions and greater portions of the profits.

All account options include online trading education, ongoing support, 1-1 and group trade reviews, mindset sessions, trade floor access, and exclusive invites to community events.

Course Format:

Starting Balance:

Set-up Fee
£249 (+VAT)
Starting Monthly Fee
£149 (+VAT)

Get Funded for $25,000

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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6
Balance $25,000 $35,000 $50,000 $60,000 $75,000 $100,000
Profit Share 50:50 50:50 50:50 70:30 70:30 70:30
Profit Target 4% ($1,000) 4% ($1,400) 4% ($2,000) 4% ($2,400) 4% ($3,000) 4% ($4,000)
Buying Power $75,000 $105,000 $150,000 $180,000 $225,000 $300,000
Next Step Target 1 Payout 2 Payouts 2 Payouts 2 Payouts 2 Payouts 2 Payouts
Account Fee £149 only applicable if target not met £149 only applicable if target not met £149 only applicable if target not met £149 only applicable if target not met £199 only applicable if target not met £249 only applicable if target not met
Junior Trader Programme

In-Person Junior Trader Programme

The Junior Trader Programme is a two-week programme and a great starting point for an individual wanting to grow their knowledge of the financial markets.

Before being accepted on the programme you will go through a two-stage selection process to ensure the training is the right fit for your learning objectives. Upon completion of the programme and after one month of practising to hone your trading skills, you will be given a demo account starting at $25,000 on a 50:50 profit share with Samuel & Co Trading. This is the start of your trading journey and the table above outlines the progression steps within your subscription.

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Come and Join Us in Our Inspiring Office Space


We believe in pushing ourselves to grow in every way. There are times when the markets are quiet. Take advantage of our air-conditioned private gym. Make use of our free weights, Olympic bars, benches, cables and various cardio machines. There are also showers with built-in steam function here for you to use too.

Meditation room

The markets and life can get stressful, it is important to take care of our wellbeing and mindfulness. If you need to take a break and relax, our meditation room is built for just that. With relaxing lounges, a selection of aromatic scents to choose from and mood lighting. You can take time out and put on some relaxing music, motivational talks or guided meditation.

Cinema room

Take a break during your trading day by relaxing in our state of the art cinema room with Dolby Atmos. The room is fitted with bespoke fully adjustable seats for an unrivalled viewing experience. We regularly host in house gaming tournaments exclusively for our traders playing titles such as FIFA and Call of Duty.

Trading Floor

Trading from our trade floor is completely free and included in the programme. We have 2 and 4 screen setups for you to use. Benefit from trading alongside other traders from various levels of experience. We have live news squawk to keep our traders up to date and live streaming Bloomberg. Embrace the community and gain new friendships with like minded traders on the same journey.

Junior Trader Programme

Online Junior Trader Programme

The International Junior Trader Programme is an in-depth online programme and a great starting point for an individual wanting to grow their knowledge of the financial markets.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be given a demo account starting at $25,000 on a 50:50 profit share with Samuel & Co Trading. This is the start of your trading journey and the table above outlines the progression steps within your subscription.

This programme is delivered as a subscription at a cost of £149.00 a month plus a one-off £249.00 sign-up fee service. This will renew monthly, automatically and you can cancel at any time. Please refer to our T&Cs for more information on our cancellation policy.

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£149.00 a month

Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches

Our coaches have over 35 years combined experience of trading and teaching students how to trade the financial markets. Samuel & Co Trading was founded over 10 years ago in 2012 on the premise to empower individuals to learn how to trade the markets themselves.

Our coaches are all traders themselves and to ensure you are learning from the best, all of our coaches are either working towards or have completed their Level 7 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading providing them with a strong foundation for understanding the workings of the financial markets.

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Success Stories

Simran Dhingra

$35,000 Account Balance | England

Zaid Chowdury

$50,000 Account Balance | England

Nelson Figueira

$10,000 Account Balance | Namibia

Thennakoon Bandara

$10,000 Account Balance | Sri Lanka

James Harding

$50,000 Account Balance | England

Lee Terrell

$50,000 Account Balance | England

Andrew Maxwell

$60,000 Account Balance | Scotland

Kristian Peache

$35,000 Account Balance | England

Nicolás García

Junior Trader Programme June 2023

I have been trading for about 4 years and, even though I reached the point of a break-even trader, I still had not achieved consistency in my trading. However, I joined Samuel & Co Trading a few months ago and it has been the best thing that could happen to me in my career as a professional trader. They do not just offer you a training plan, they offer you support. I had the opportunity to meet the whole team and they work together to help junior traders achieve the consistency that you need to succeed in this business. I have had monthly personalised sessions in which we analyse my trades in order to get an objective view of my mistakes. Raj and Atish have helped me to refine my entry points by giving me a holistic approach when analysing the charts. Also, I have received psychological support from Adrian Leach, Mindset Coach and an amazing person, and he has helped me to overcome some psychological barriers as well as giving me tools to control my emotions whilst trading. Overall, I am extremely happy to be working with like-minded people who are always ready to help you become a successful and consistently profitable trader. A big thank you to Samuel Leach and the whole team for giving people this opportunity.

Get Funded FAQ’s

Do you have any questions? We’re here to help!

Is the get funded programme training options online or in house?

We have both options. The get funded programme offers an in house training option which is taught over 5 days in our offices. There is also an online version, which is recorded and you can watch remotely in your own time. After the training is complete, you will move on to trading a demo account on a 50/50 profit share, on our 6 step progression plan with the aim to trade $100,000 and a 70/30 profit share.

Will I trade a demo account?

Our customers trade on demo accounts which simulate live forex trading as closely as possible. These demo accounts use real-time market data feeds, providing an accurate reflection of the live market conditions. This way, users can practice trading strategies in a risk-free environment while still experiencing the dynamics of real-time forex trading and earn on profit share via payouts. There are no challenges or assessments to pass. Once you’ve completed the online or in person training, you are given access to your demo account. We also offer an optional one month practice period prior to going onto the demo account if required.

Can I trade remotely?

Yes, we have traders across the globe. You can trade from our trade floor or anywhere you like as long as you have a secure internet connection. Your ongoing support channels can also be done remotely. If you would like to trade from our trade floor and use our multi screen setups, you can also use this and our other facilities free of charge.

Can I hold trades overnight and weekends?

Yes, you can hold trades overnight and weekends.

What is the maximum drawdown?

We do not have daily or monthly drawdown limits. We have a maximum overall drawdown of 30% on the account, which at this point we can close the account at our discretion. You are not liable for any losses.

What is the largest account size I can trade?

We have a 6 stage progression plan to get you trading a $100,000 demo account on a profit share. After this point, we review the size of the trading account on a case by case basis. There is no maximum account size if you continue to perform consistently.

I’ve been trading for some time but I have not been as consistent in my results as I would like to, what is the best option for me?

You may benefit from our trading coaches working with you one on one. This can be done via our get funded programme. All the mentoring is ongoing and part of your subscription whilst you are on the programme. We offer both one to one trade reviews as well as in group settings, to help you improve as a trader over time.

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