Risk Disclosure

The services on our website are centred around the use of virtual or demo accounts exclusively. Consequently, all information presented on this platform is solely intended for educational purposes pertaining to trading in the financial markets. It does not function as specific investment advice, business suggestions, investment analysis, or any form of general recommendation related to the trading of investment instruments.

Hypothetical Performance

Keep in mind that simulated results and trading, unlike real trading records or live trading, do not equate to actual trading. Since the trades haven’t been carried out in a real market, the results might either overstate or understate the impact, if any, of certain market factors like liquidity constraints, slippage, and others.

For the purpose of clarity, we affirm that at all stages of collaboration with Samuel and Co Trading, we only provide virtual accounts.

The use of leverage in CFD trading

The nature of trading CFDs involves leverage that can magnify both profits and losses. Hence, a relatively small market movement can lead to a proportionately larger movement in the value of your investment; this can work both for and against you. ‘Leverage’ in CFD trading signifies that a small initial margin can lead to significant losses. However, since this is a simulated trading environment, any losses incurred do not result in financial detriment to the user.

Volatility in Derivative Markets

The prices of underlying securities, currencies, commodities, financial instruments or indices can rapidly fluctuate across wide ranges, in response to unforeseen events or changes in conditions, all of which are beyond your control. These are also influenced by unpredictable factors, including but not limited to, changes in supply and demand relationships, government policies, agricultural, commercial, and trade programs, national and international political and economic occurrences, and the overall psychological state of the relevant market.

Risk in Foreign Markets

Risks associated with foreign markets differ from those of domestic markets. Profits or losses from CFDs related to a foreign market or denominated in a foreign currency can be influenced by fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. You might experience a loss if exchange rates change adversely, even if the price of the instrument to which the CFD relates remains stable. However, due to the virtual nature of the trading account, users are not liable for any losses incurred in the demo environment.

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