RiskTool does the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on trade execution and your trading edge. The RiskTool panel sits on your trading chart so you can easily update and set your risk settings to enter the market at the click of a button. RiskTool also provides a colour coded visualisation of the proposed trade entry, take profit and stop loss levels on your chart.

The panel and visualisation tool will auto update as the market price moves, tracking your chosen risk level making it a great addition to your trading toolkit especially when you are trading during volatile conditions. Allowing you to focus on trading whilst knowing the risk management side is being taken care of.

What Do You Get?

Upon purchase you will receive one license of the RiskTool coded to a single MT4 or MT5 account (ex4 or ex5). You will receive a product installation guide that summarises the key inputs of the tool and how the RiskTool is switched on/off.

Once loaded onto your charts, the RiskTool panel enables you to easily update your chosen risk level, you can risk a percentage of your account balance or a fixed currency amount per trade. You can easily drag and update your stop loss placement as market conditions change and the RiskTool will automatically update your lot size meaning you’re always one click away from entering the market.

There is no need to manually calculate your lot size using a risk calculator as the tool will update it for based on your chosen risk settings. It will also allow you to quickly switch between buying and selling the market or if you would like to place pending orders you can do so using the RiskTool panel. As you update the parameters the visualisation tool will automatically update illustrating on the chart where your entry, stop loss and your take profit will be.

The flexibility of RiskTool ensures that you the trader are in control of your decisions whilst at the same time allowing you to make quick decisions depending on the current market conditions. You can easily lock in and choose partial take profits depending on how the trade pans out giving you additional flexibility. Furthermore, you can enable mobile notifications so you can keep updated with your trades whilst on the go and you can set the tool to auto screenshot your trades for your trade journal.

The Benefits

  • Customisable Trade Panel
  • Automatically calculates your Lot Sizes to set your desired level of risk
  • Easy to use interface that automatically updates with market movements
  • Automatically Journal Your Trades
  • Available to use across all pairs and markets
  • Available to use across all timeframes
  • Mobile notifications to alert user of trade triggers
  • Automatically set partial take profits and trail your stops at a click of a button
  • Enter the market with desired settings at the click of a button
  • Available on MT4 & MT5


What platforms are your algorithms compatible with?

Our algorithms are compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Each purchase is coded to a single trading account. If you change your account a recode fee will apply. Unless otherwise stated.

How long will it take to receive my algorithm?

Once we have received your order and account information (trading platform and account number) our coding team will aim to get your algorithm dispatched within 48 hours during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

Who built your algorithms?

Our algorithms have been built by the Samuel & Co Trading team. These algorithms have been functionally tested, however we do release updates from time to time.

What support do I get with the algorithm?

When we send out your algorithm, you will also receive a step by step guide on how to install and set up your algorithm onto your charts. We also offer email support if you are struggling to load the algorithm onto your MT4 or MT5 platform.