QuickTrader aims to make trading faster and easier with its built-in risk calculator and visual entry, stop loss and take profit levels displayed on your chart ready at the click of a button.

What Do You Get?

The tool auto calculates lot size and risk per trade based on your chosen risk settings. It displays your lot size, trade risk and potential profit in a visual panel, whilst displaying the entry line, stop loss line and take profit line on your chart. Once you are ready to place the trade simply click the ‘Place Trade’ button.

Your trade will be filled in the market using the lot size, stop loss and take profit levels shown at the time. Thus, aiming to take the stress out of having to quickly calculate your stop loss, lot size and place the trade especially in volatile market conditions.

The Benefits

  • Built-in risk calculator
  • Customisable visual panel displaying trade criteria
  • Place trades at a click of a button without having to calculate your lot size
  • Customise your level of risk
  • Auto calculates your lot size, stop loss and take profit level based on your inputs
  • Utilises recent market swings to identify stop loss placement
  • Multi timeframe analysis
  • Can be used across all timeframes
  • Available on MT4 and MT5


What platforms are your algorithms compatible with?

Our algorithms are compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Each purchase is coded to a single trading account. If you change your account a recode fee will apply. Unless otherwise stated.

How long will it take to receive my algorithm?

Once we have received your order and account information (trading platform and account number) our coding team will aim to get your algorithm dispatched within 48 hours during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

Who built your algorithms?

Our algorithms have been built by the Samuel & Co Trading team. These algorithms have been functionally tested, however we do release updates from time to time.

What support do I get with the algorithm?

When we send out your algorithm, you will also receive a step by step guide on how to install and set up your algorithm onto your charts. We also offer email support if you are struggling to load the algorithm onto your MT4 or MT5 platform.