In order to maintain a professional chat environment, the chat room has rules. You have read and agreed to our website terms and conditions and our privacy policy in addition to these particular rules for the chat room.

Please read and apply the following:

You are responsible for you

  1. You are solely responsible for your decisions and the evaluation and use of any Samuel & Co Trading products or services should be based on your own due diligence.

No investment advice

  1. Our users and administrators are not investment advisors. Therefore, no one will respond to a request to look at your watch list/portfolio in chat or by email, to offer investment advice.  If you want investment advice, use a third party professional.

Work it for yourself

  1. If you like someone else’s ideas approach, strategies, decisions to buy or sell, remember even if they worked for that person, it may not work for you.  You must be sensible before accepting what anyone says as a truth and making sure something suggested in the chat room will work for you before you start or act on a trading tip or strategy.  

Be nice when you are here

  1. No one using this chat room is under any obligation to you tell you when or if they bought/sold a stock or at what price.
  2. Before you post anything on the chatroom be graceful in thinking what to say, and grateful for being part of this group, treat others here well.  No slander or aggressive behaviour towards any other community member will be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the channel after one warning, please remember this is a place where mature people gather.
  3. You must quite simply not swear (by any means including images), swear by implication, be disrespectful or offensive to anyone because of their intelligence, belief system, orientation, gender, ethnicity, political view, religious view, because of what they eat, or otherwise smoke ingest or any view they have on trading.   If you like someone build that relationship somewhere else first.  Anything we believe is offensive, disrespectful, or harassment will be removed, and we might suspend you forever or just a while.  There will be no warning for showing these types of behaviours, you will be removed from the chat room for the day or longer even forever.
  4. When posting, be clear with your post and clearly state the stock symbols or FX pair whilst giving reason for your analysis.
  5. No trading signals or services to be discussed, offered, sold or marketed to any other community members. Any breach will result in immediate expulsion from the channel. Keep your trade ideas in real time, brief, meaningful and focused. All trade ideas are welcome.
  6. All information within this community is posted by individuals acting on their own accord and not on behalf of Samuel & Co Trading.  All information posted within this community channel is strictly educational and for community purposes and should not be deemed as advice in any way shape or form.
  7. If you are a financial or investment advisor you should not be using this channel to work.  There is no financial advice or promotion of anything here.  Communicating anything like that here will get you into trouble.  No bigging up, promoting or bashing specific investments. No rumours unless you know it’s true please, and best if you have evidence its true.  If there is relevant news, briefly summarise it. If you have insider knowledge, do not share it. That is illegal.  If you are contacted or read anything like this please report to [email protected] immediately.

What happens if we think you are not being nice

  1. Consequences of failure to follow chatroom rules does not come with a warning. Our administrators will remove you from the chatroom or permanently ban you if you are inappropriate, disrespectful or disruptive in your behaviour.
  2. There will be no refund to clients that break these chat rules.
  3. Learn, come with a trading plan, contribute to the room, trade well and make our chat community one that you are proud to be a part of! Please do not clog up the channel with one-word answers or memes.

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