We recently took a look into one of the fastest-growing financial services companies, Samuel & Co Trading, to understand how their Get Funded Programme is transforming the industry.

Samuel & Co Trading is based just outside of London, with over 400 traders across the globe. These traders are given a platform to develop their understanding through educational programmes, with the goal of being provided with capital to trade the financial markets. The company accepts individuals from any background to join their Funded Programme and start their journey of trading for a living or for residual income. Having a wide range of traders creates diversification for Samuel & Co Trading, as rather than hiring a select minority of people, they can provide career opportunities for people from all backgrounds. Whether you already have a developed understanding of the financial markets, or you are starting out on your journey – Samuel & Co Trading could be a great step to take you to that next level.

So what does the Get Funded Programme entail?

After completing an application on the Samuel & Co Trading website, the team will contact you regarding the next steps. You will undergo their recruitment process to ensure that you are the right fit for the company, (and they are the right fit for you). Once this has been completed, you will be able to start the education programme. As part of the programme, you are provided with online or in-person training which outlines a comprehensive overview of the financial markets, including money management, trading knowledge including their trading strategies and unique insights into becoming a professional trader. After finishing the modules, those individuals who are keen to further educate themselves can register for advanced education modules or start on a $25,000 trading account.

S&C training programmes are CPD accredited, confirming the quality of the education being taught. But the education does not stop there. You are continuously provided with ongoing reviews from official S&C coaches. These coaches conduct performance reviews where you are provided with valuable insights into your trading ideas and mindset exercises to accelerate performance.

Traders of S&C can tap into the community available by attending company events, trading meetups and webinars. Their offices host a whole variety of facilities, such as a; trade floor, their own private gym, sauna/steam showers, and a cinema room. Traders can book into the trading floor, kick back, and meet other like-minded individuals, whilst capitalising on market moves.

High-performing individuals are given the resources to further their progression, by increasing the capital available in their trading accounts. Traders with a strong track record are boosted with greater profit shares and therefore, a greater earning potential. These figures can use this to further produce additional income, compounding their portfolio over time.

Samuel & Co Trading also provides a wide variety of algorithms that are designed to take advantage of volatility across a number of different asset classes. These algorithms have a strong track record of performance trading the live markets and can give both retail and institutional investors a valuable edge on the market. Many investors opt to use algorithms to diversify their capital, in order to protect themselves from unforeseeable events. Samuel & Co Trading have recently announced that they have sold the licensing of one of their algorithms to a large European hedge fund – a big milestone for the company.

Overall, Samuel & Co Trading has shown that they stand alone when it comes to trading the financial markets. Their popularity among investors and finance professionals from all backgrounds has allowed the company to grow rapidly across the globe. The culture of the company is centred around long-term sustainable growth, which is indicated by the encouragement of the community, and resources available for traders of Samuel & Co. Whether you are already invested, or starting out on your journey, Samuel & Co Trading could be a great way to further your career in the financial markets.

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