Samuel and Co Trading, a renowned leader in financial education, is thrilled to announce an impressive 91% pass rate in their Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading 2023 cohort. This remarkable achievement reflects the high-quality education and training provided by the institution, equating the diploma to the academic level of a foundation degree.

The Level 5 Diploma, known for its comprehensive curriculum and practical approach, spans 12 weeks and covers a wide array of modules essential for understanding and excelling in the world of financial trading. These modules include Financial Markets and Operations, Financial Products and Associated Risk, and Financial Trading Techniques.

Students enrolled in the programme were required to complete extensive coursework, including assignments, essays, and practical work. The learning objectives were meticulously designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the financial markets. Key focus areas included derivatives markets operation, macro and microeconomic analysis in trading, technical analysis, various aspects of bond trading, foreign exchange, commodities market, options trading, STIRs, and index markets, along with associated risks in each domain.

The course also emphasised the importance of analysing financial market data and trading patterns within the broader economic context. Additionally, students gained valuable insights into market and individual trading psychology, equipping them with the skills to trade a multitude of futures asset class products effectively.

Samuel Leach, the founder and director of Samuel and Co Trading, expressed his pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “This outstanding pass rate is a testament to our commitment to delivering top-tier financial education. Our Level 5 Diploma is not just an academic achievement; it’s a practical toolkit that empowers our students to excel in the dynamic world of financial trading.”

Adding to the celebration, Liam Sharvell, Head of Education at Samuel and Co Trading, commented, “Firstly, congratulations to the students for their achievements and hard work throughout the course. One of our main objectives at Samuel and Co Trading is to help individuals passionate about the markets and who wish to learn more or gain formal recognition for their knowledge. The excellent pass rate seen on our Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading shows that our students truly embraced the learning environment we nurture at Samuel and Co Trading. A special mention to all teaching staff involved during the course for their tireless hard work to meet the high standards Samuel and Co set.”

Samuel and Co Trading’s success in the Level 5 Diploma is a significant milestone in their mission to provide accessible and high-quality financial education at affordable pricing. The institution’s dedication to fostering talent and expertise in financial trading continues to set it apart as a leading educational provider in the finance sector. To join the 2024 cohort for a level 5 or 7 diploma with Samuel and Co Trading you can register here.

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