Mindset 1 to 1

       All elite performers understand that to elevate themselves above the average person, they need to have the right mindset. Performance is controlled by the subconscious mind which operates below the conscious mind’s level of awareness.

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The 1-to-1 Mindset Session aims to help the individual understand what their underlying issues are, and whether they’re related to trading or not. It is a common factor that a person’s childhood experiences can be the cause of their inability to perform or indeed excel in any area of their life. Addressing and correcting these limiting factors is the objective for each session and paramount for progress.

What you'll get

Working with our senior mindset coach is like no other experience. You will gain insight into how your beliefs and emotions can restrict or limit your potential in all areas of your life, not just trading. During the 1 to 1 Mindset Session, you will experience a powerful technique and be guided through the process to work on and correct issues you may be facing. Many issues can be addressed and corrected during the session where change can be experienced immediately.

The benefits

  • Identify and correct limiting beliefs and emotions
  • Change what you think, feel and believe about people, situations or experiences
  • Change how you react and respond to people, situations or experiences
  • Understand the cause of stress in your life and eliminate its effects

Got some questions?

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Do your teachers trade?
Will I be taught by Samuel Leach?
Do you trade and teach long-term or short-term trading strategies?
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