BeastMode is one of the latest additions to the Samuel & Co Trading Expert Advisor suite. Adopting a similar risk management strategy to Fusion, this automated tool is a hedging robot at its core. It has been optimised and tested to run on the U.S Index, Dow Jones 30.

It looks to profit from the volatility offered in one of the most traded Indices in the world whilst protecting itself against short-term downside shocks. Furthermore, if the market enters a bear market, BeastMode will adapt the initial entry by shorting the Index.

*The algorithm product box packaging is only for illustrative purposes. A physical product will not be included in your purchase.

What Do You Get?

When purchasing Beastmode you will receive either the MT4 or MT5 version based on your preference upon ordering. This license will entitle you to use the software on one trading account. The algorithm is customisable to your chosen metrics, such as account size, risk metrics, entry criteria, hedge levels etc.

Upon purchase you will receive a user guide to assist with installation. Once you have installed your expert advisor, inputted your settings and have pressed the automated trading button, the tool will start to monitor the markets and execute trades based on your criteria. This automated trading system is designed to be easy to follow but may require manual intervention and therefore should be monitored by the user once the parameters by the user have been set. BeastMode has been running on the live markets since Jan 2020 with the verified stats. Please remember past performance is not a guide to future returns and that investments can go up and down in value, so you could get back less than you put in. To understand this product further please read our terms and conditions.

You will also receive access to the BeastMode Showcase Webinar from your account dashboard when you purchase this algorithm.

Views live stats here

The Benefits

  • Automated system
  • Live Stats on Track Record Verified Account
  • Strong Historic Gains with Variable Risk Settings
  • Can automatically open and close trades once inputs have been set
  • Access to BeastMode Showcase Webinar

Here's What You'll Learn

Section 1: BeastMode Showcase

  • Lesson 1: BeastMode Webinar


What platforms are your algorithms compatible with?

Our algorithms are compatible with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. Each purchase is coded to a single trading account. If you change your account a recode fee will apply. Unless otherwise stated.

How long will it take to receive my algorithm?

Once we have received your order and account information (trading platform and account number) our coding team will aim to get your algorithm dispatched within 48 hours during normal working hours Monday – Friday.

Who built your algorithms?

Our algorithms have been built by the Samuel & Co Trading team. These algorithms have been functionally tested, however we do release updates from time to time.

What support do I get with the algorithm?

When we send out your algorithm, you will also receive a step by step guide on how to install and set up your algorithm onto your charts. We also offer email support if you are struggling to load the algorithm onto your MT4 or MT5 platform.