In the dynamic world of forex trading, success is often measured not just by profits but by the mastery of strategies and the continuous evolution of one’s skillset. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with a trader who embarked on their trading journey with Samuel and Co Trading in July 2022 on the get-funded programme. Their insights provide a glimpse into the mindset and strategies that have propelled them forward in the world of financial markets.

Trading Strategies and Success Factors: 

When asked about their trading strategies, the trader revealed a meticulous approach rooted in technical analysis. Employing Exponential Moving Averages on various timeframes, the trader navigates the markets with a focus on direction. Top-down analysis, pinpointing Points of Interest (POI) where strong rejection has occurred, guides their entry points, often on the 15-minute chart with the aid of strong rejection candles. Beyond technicals, the trader integrates fundamental analysis, ensuring alignment with market sentiment for added confluence.

As for success, the trader humbly refrains from labelling themselves as such. Instead, they emphasise the importance of knowing when to close trades, emphasising that preserving capital is as crucial as making profits. Their journey with Samuel and Co Trading started with a $25,000 account, allowing for a gradual progression that fostered a disciplined mindset. Trade reviews played a pivotal role in enhancing accountability, steering them away from impulsive decisions.

Biggest Withdrawal: 

An intriguing highlight from the interview was the revelation of the trader’s biggest withdrawal, slated for this month. Anticipated to be 8% of their portfolio, this substantial withdrawal involves $1,400 from a $35,000 account and $2,000 from a $50,000 account before the profit split from their GBP/JPY Trade this month. This underscores the real-world challenges and triumphs that traders face, showcasing the balance between reaping rewards and managing risk.



Progression and Consistency: 

Reflecting on their progression, the trader found value in starting with a smaller account size. Beginning at $25,000 allowed them to concentrate on the intricacies of trading without the burden of large trades. Trade reviews emerged as a positive habit, fostering a sense of responsibility and a more thoughtful approach to trading decisions. The key takeaway from their journey is the emphasis on consistency – both in trading strategy and the time spent on charts. The advice is clear: avoid the temptation to switch between numerous strategies; instead, focus on refining one or two with dedication. Now they have progressed onto a $35K and $50K account.

In the realm of forex trading, success is a journey, not a destination. This trader’s experience with Samuel and Co Trading serves as a testament to the significance of strategy, discipline, and continuous learning. As we navigate the complexities of financial markets, these insights offer a valuable perspective for both seasoned traders and those embarking on their trading journey. To follow in this trader’s footsteps you can join us via our get-funded training here: Click Here

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