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The Samuel and Co Newsletter is released three times a week, covering broader themes within the Forex, Cryptocurrency and Equities markets as well as detailed fundamental and technical analysis on what the company is currently watching and trading.

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Professional Trade Ideas

Each Monday, the Forex Market Breakdown as well as FX entries will be released. The Forex Market is the largest and most liquid market in the world, where over $5 trillion is traded on average every day. The FX report could help you capitalise on where to get into the markets! Each Wednesday, the Cryptocurrency Market Breakdown alongside Crypto entries will be released. The Wednesday newsletter can shed light on breaking news and positive emergences within the cryptocurrency market! Finally, each Friday, the Stock Market Breakdown and Stock entry setup newsletter is released. Investing in stocks could be a good long-term investment option. Investing for the future may be ideal for some traders working to build their own “nest-egg”. Each of these reports help you to become diversified within the markets, so that all of your eggs are not in one basket.

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