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The Complete Trader

The ‘Markets’ are a huge sector with many different areas to focus on. Our most exclusive, advanced and extensive in-house training package will cover all areas Samuel Leach uses to become The Complete Trader.

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The Complete Trader has been designed by Samuel Leach the founder of S&C Trading, it’s training personally ran by Samuel once a year. It's five full days with Samuel and covers everything he used to become the complete trader.

This is one of our most demanded training programmes with a top class trader. This training is for those who want to be taught by a world recognised trader to take their trading to the most advanced level possible with Samuel Leach.You will not only learn to trade with the founder of our company, but you will get the opportunity to watch him live trading throughout your training.

This training is not to be missed, you will experience world-class trading and experience exactly how Samuel has achieved his results in the market. But be quick there are only 20 places per year for the programme. The next date is April 2021.

What you'll get

The training covers 12 different aspects over the five days, and on top of this includes 1-1 mindset training with Adrian who is Samuels mindset coach. This is a must to become a complete trader and helps you to become emotionally neutral to the markets and the various market swings you will experience in your career. After completing the training you will be allocated a senior trading coach to complete four additional sessions where you can discuss any mistakes or confusions you may have from the training.

The Benefits

  • 5 days of one-to-one training with Samuel Leach covering
  • Smart Banking and Quick Saving Techniques
  • Bonds and Long term saving Techniques
  • ETF’s and Active ETF Trading
  • FTSE 350 and DFM Stock Trading
  • Forex and Expert Advisor Trading Strategies
  • Small-Cap and Index Trading Strategies

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Do your teachers trade?
Will I be taught by Samuel Leach?
Do you trade and teach long-term or short-term trading strategies?
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