StockWatch newsletter

StockWatch is a newsletter written by Samuel Leach, our founder. This newsletter aims to educate the readers about what stocks Samuel is looking at and why. The newsletter breaks down the process behind the interest of either adding a stock to the watchlist or potentially buying the stock.

£30 per month


StockWatch is written by Samuel Leach the founder of Samuel & Co Trading. The aim behind the newsletter is to educate the readers on the thought process of either buying a stock or adding it to the stock watchlist. Overall, educating traders to see what a seasoned trader is looking out for and why.

What you'll get

You will receive at least one newsletter written by Samuel Leach each month. Where he will be going into detail any changes he has made to his Stock Watch portfolio and why. He aims to educate the reader on the thought process behind looking at the particular stock, whether it be for positive or negative reasons and his plans for the stock. Seeing this insight into the stock market will assist the reader with their own opinion and thought process around the particular stock and give an external insight into what a seasoned trader is seeing and acting on.


  • Insight into potential stock opportunities
  • 1 – 2 newsletters each month
  • Source of valuable information and educational
  • Knowledge from a stock trader with years of first hand experience
  • Ongoing updates of Stocks to Watch
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