Cluster Algorithm 2.0

Cluster 2.0 is a two-part algorithm that includes an indicator called Samuel & Co Market Strength. This indicator aims to smooth out market swings and aims to predict not only turning points but also aims to show hidden divergence with phase one buying and phase two selling.

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Cluster 2.0 Shows potential turning points in the market and uses multiple filters to present the best potential turning points. Whilst this is its core functionality Cluster 2.0 also has trend identification built in and also identifies hidden divergence both on chart and on the indicator.

What you'll get

The tool aims to calculate the strength of the market and then show potential turning points happening in the market signalled with small circles in real time. Once the confirmation of the trend has changed, the algorithm signals a large circle, giving the trader the potentially desired entry with a sound alert, pop up alert and mobile notification. There will be a build up of circles as the entry sets up hence the name Cluster. This algorithm can be used on the 1,5 or 15 min timeframes across all major currency pairs.

Cluster 2.0 utilises the benefits of mobile notifications keeping you alert of any potential entries. Cluster 2.0 brings you divergence alerts as well helping you to see any hidden divergence in the market which assists with the trade management on chart and on the indicator.

We believe this tool is perfect for intraday trading and aims to simplify market noise and filters potential entries. The user must input the parameters otherwise the algorithm will not perform.

The Benefits

  • Used often on 5 & 15m Time Frames
  • Mobile Notifications and Popup Notifications
  • Notifies Trader of Potential Entries
  • Colour Coded Entries For Buy and Sell
  • Creates Cluster Signals at Potential Turn Points
  • Aims to Avoids Market Noise
  • Analyses Current Market Trend
  • Hidden Divergence on Chart Finder
  • Indicator Divergence Finder
  • Assists in Predicting Market Turn Points
  • Trades FX, Stock Indices and Gold
  • Potentially maximise profits
  • Analyses Market Strength and Weakness

Got some questions?

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