Mindset Weekly Article 20 – Mindfulness

Mindset Weekly Article 20 – Mindfulness

Adrian Leach

Senior Mindset Coach at Samuel and Co Trading. While studying and practising many energy healing systems spanning 40 years (EFT, TAT, TCM, Yuen Method, NLP, Applied Kinesiology, Qigong etc). He gained qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. His goal is to continue to help his clients experience freedom from life’s emotional trauma, stress, negativity, limiting beliefs and to holistically balance the Mind, Body and Spirit.



Hi everyone, welcome back to my weekly article. In this article, I want to cover the subject of mindfulness and why it’s important. Mindfulness seems to be the latest buzz-word, although the practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years.


In article 5, Silence the Mind vs Meditation, I mentioned that we are human beings. The ‘human’ aspect refers to our physiology, our ability to move around and interact with the world. The ‘being’ aspect refers to our mind and to just ‘be’ – silent.


The conscious mind is always looking for things to do, to process, to work out. The ego says, ‘I’ve got to do something’, ‘I’ve got to get something’, ‘I’ve got to change something’, ‘I’ve got to achieve something’. So there’s a lot of interpretation going on, running simulations through filters to come up with the best scenarios based on past experiences and projecting them forward into the future. This constant ‘noise’ stops the conscious mind from being quiet and why we have this never ending-thinking.


Two reasons why mindfulness is so powerful? Firstly, mindfulness, just like Silence the Mind technique, allows you to quiet the mind and get into the ‘zone’ without and conscious thinking. The practice of mindfulness helps you focus on the here and now, to be more present in the moment, increasing your self-awareness, staying focused longer and that allows you to deepen your awareness of what’s happening and how you’re reacting to it. And secondly, once you’re in the zone, in that quiet place, you can create more of the thoughts and feelings that will change the quality and reality of your life. As you practise this breathing method and begin silencing your mind, you will find initially, that your inner voice returns and you’ll become aware of your thought process focusing on ‘something’. Just become aware of the thought, acknowledge it, and then let it go again…You may find this happens a lot initially but stick with the process and eventually it stops happening and you will find a sense of peaceful calm awareness.

The practice of mindfulness grounds your conscious mind in the present moment. Your subconscious mind is already there and lives in ‘the moment’, protecting you right now, keeping all your organs functioning right now. But your conscious mind constantly replays experiences from the past and projects them forward to interpret the future, based on what it’s experiencing right now. The practice of mindfulness allows you to become more aware of your thoughts and how they’re triggering certain emotions and responses in you. Once you’re aware of your thoughts and their impact on you it becomes easier for you to choose to think better thoughts. This is life changing because your thoughts are creating your reality. So when you change your thinking you literally transform the way you experience the world.

So I would like to show you how powerful this can be and how you can get significant results in as little as five minutes. A process that you can do at any time, anywhere (providing you’re not operating machinery), whenever you want to become more focused and more grounded in the moment.


So let’s get started, I suggest that you first read through the whole process, following all of the instructions with your eyes open, and then when you’re ready go through the process again with your eyes closed.


Sit down and get comfortable, adjust your posture and then, close your eyes, exhale, and just relax for a moment. (Whenever you see a word followed by five dots ….., I want you to take a moment and take two deep breaths in and out, and relax even more before you continue again). Now, start to breathe in and out through your nose in a natural rhythm, taking the same amount of time to breathe in, as you breathe out. Paying attention to each breath as it flows in and out of your body….. Now, become aware of your body and notice what you’re experiencing right now, are you tired, hungry or thirsty? Are you feeling any tension or pain in your body? If you become aware of any tension or pain, just simply bring your attention to it and send warm, soothing energy to that area. As you exhale just imagine the tension or the pain melting and leaving your body with your breath. And with the next few breaths, just keep sending warm soothing energy to that point and breathing out any lingering tension or pain…..


And, as you continue to breathe in and out slowly, become aware of the thoughts that come into and flow through your mind, just be aware of the thoughts arising in your consciousness, but don’t let yourself get caught up in them, just notice them as they arise and then let them go as if you’re standing on a river bank watching each thought go by like a boat drifting downstream….. Don’t judge or interpret them, just notice them and let them go…..


You can always use the Silence the Mind technique to get to this level first, then stop following the breath up and down the body, notice your thoughts and let them go…..


As you think your thoughts remember you’re not your thoughts, you are the person thinking them. Now that you’re aware of them you have the power to change them and think better thoughts whenever you want. So take a moment to consider how you feel right now, and then how you want to feel….. As you’re becoming aware of your thoughts, did you notice how they made you feel? Some thoughts might have made you feel happy or excited, while other thoughts might have given you a feeling of anxiety or made you feel sad or angry. The thoughts that you think trigger physiological responses in you. If you find yourself reliving a moment from the past that you regret, you can experience the same guilt or sadness when you first experienced that moment. If you imagine an uncomfortable event in the future, maybe a presentation that goes wrong at work or an uncomfortable conversation that turns into an argument, you will experience the same physical and emotional response as you would in the real experience; your heart rate increasing, your mouth drying up, your palms sweating and feelings of awkwardness and embarrassment etc.


So now that you’re in the zone, that quiet place, begin to think about how you want to feel right now in this moment, what experiences do you want to be experiencing right now….. Start to think about the thoughts that you would need to be thinking and the actions you would need to be taking in order to feel the way that you want to feel….. for example, if you want to feel happy, take a moment to think about the things that make you happy – it could be your family, friends or pet or favourite hobby. When you think about things that make you feel happy you become happier, it’s that simple. If you want to feel confident then, think about the things you’ve accomplished in your life….. remember you’re still that person and that you can achieve anything that you can imagine. If you want to feel motivated, then think about things that motivate you. What is the end goal of your efforts..… what would your life look like when you’ve achieved that goal? How would you feel..…?


If you want to feel healthy and strong, think about all those activities and other things you do that increase your sense of vitality that make you feel healthy and strong. Think about how good your body feels when you get regular exercise, eat nutritious food and get enough sleep at night. If you want to be successful, think about the big goals you want to accomplish in life, and if there’s something you could do today to move you one step closer to those goals, it doesn’t have to be a big action, but it does have to be an action that would move you forward in some way…..



So now just take a moment and experience the feeling that you want to feel and focus on what actions you would need to take today or this week to feel more of that emotion. Enjoy that feeling as you take a long deep breath in and exhale slowly…..


Now begin to become aware of your body again, feel your arms, your back and your legs pressing against the chair, and begin to wriggle your toes and fingers. Begin to become aware of the room around you by focusing on any sounds that you may be hearing. Now open your eyes and look around. Notice how you feel now compared to what you were experiencing before you did this mindfulness exercise? Do you feel a little more relaxed, a little lighter, more grounded. Do you feel more clarity around what you want to be experiencing? So now that you’ve experienced what it feels like to do this mindfulness exercise, I encourage you to go through this process at least once a day – it only takes five minutes. Setting an alarm on your phone for a certain time each day will help you to remember. As soon as it goes off, do the mindfulness exercise.


Take the time to stop what you’re doing, ground yourself in the present moment, get clear on how you want to feel and what you need to do to feel that way. And the more joyful, relaxed and focused you’ll become. So what are you going to do to become more mindful and grounded in the moment and experience more of what you want and less of what you don’t want? Remember, nothing will change in your life until you do.


I hope that you find this article interesting and the many ways you can make changes to your life. As always, I hope you have enjoyed the input. I look forward to seeing any discussions and interaction from the community – more next week…

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