Mindset Weekly Article 16 – Left vs Right Hemispheres

Mindset Weekly Article 16 – Left vs Right Hemispheres

Adrian Leach

Senior Mindset Coach at Samuel and Co Trading. While studying and practising many energy healing systems spanning 40 years (EFT, TAT, TCM, Yuen Method, NLP, Applied Kinesiology, Qigong etc). He gained qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. His goal is to continue to help his clients experience freedom from life’s emotional trauma, stress, negativity, limiting beliefs and to holistically balance the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Hi everyone, welcome back to my weekly article. In this article, I’m going to be talking about the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and what they’re responsible for.

The human brain is a complex organ, weighing approximately 3 pounds, containing around 86 billion neurons with 100 trillion connections – and that’s a whole lot of processing power. The human brain is the control centre for all that you do and experience and remains one of the greatest mysteries in science. The human brain is constantly reorganising the neural connections and adapts to physical and life experiences, what is referred to as ‘Neural Plasticity’. I’ll be talking about neural plasticity in another article.

Our brain is divided into 2 halves called hemispheres, that are connected to each other through the middle via a bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum. The two halves are often referred to as the left and right brain and although they have different functions, they continually share information. In general, the left hemisphere controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body. Although each side of the brain has certain brain processes that it is predominantly responsible for controlling, within each hemisphere, there are also several smaller sections, called lobes, that are associated with further specialisation.

It is believed that these lobes are devoted to specific cognitive tasks that appear to be evolutionary advantages that make it easier and more efficient for the brain to perform a given task if a specific area of the brain is devoted to it. This also makes it easier for the brain to multitask, which manifests itself as our normal perception of reality in which, for example, we can speak, recognise faces, places and objects, and maintain our balance all at the same time, without any effort.

The left hemisphere of the brain is generally responsible for tasks such as language, reading, writing, speaking, arithmetic, reasoning and understanding and logical breakdown of information. One characteristic of our left hemisphere is that it processes information sequentially, one at a time.

The right side of the brain is generally responsible for spatial awareness, visual perception, emotional expressions, artistic ability, music etc. and evaluating the overall situation based on smaller pieces of information as a whole.

It is widely believed that most people, in general, predominantly use one side of the brain more than the other, and that creates an imbalance with the processing of information. Someone that is analytical and mathematical is said to be a ‘left brainer,’ while an artistic, creative person is said to be a ‘right brainer.’ Unfortunately, this is just not true, both sides of the brain communicate with each other through the corpus callosum and those people are just gifted with those abilities. Having said that, I have found that one side of the brain can become dominant, for some people, when they focus on a very specific issue.

Let’s take money as an example, and a person tests strong for left brain dominance when thinking about money. The left hemisphere is analytical, mathematical and logical and can justify all the good reasons why money is valuable and important in their life. However, if the right hemisphere – the artistic, creative and imaginative side is not engaged when the person thinks about money, then, the person won’t be able to create ways to get the money. They just aren’t capable of coming up with the ideas to implement in order to get the money, or any significant amounts of money. These people typically, but not always, are the ones that stick to the same job year in, year out. They never change because they feel comfortable and have stability doing what they do, no matter how much they complain about the cost of living.

The communication between the left and right hemispheres is paramount for whole brain integration. Numerous electroencephalograph (EEG) studies #1, have shown that some of our greatest philosophers, thinkers, inventors and artists use both hemispheres in unison; Einstein, Da Vinci and Beethoven.

#1 https://news.mit.edu/2014/synchronized-brain-waves-enable-rapid-learning-0612

So how do you unlock your brain’s limitless potential and tap into this deeper level of insight, intelligence and creativity? Well, believe it or not, Meditation, Silence the Mind technique and Brainwave Entrainment. All of which, have been covered in previous articles. But, for this purpose, let’s just look at meditation. Whenever you quiet the mind and shut down the left, analytical (voice), the thinking side of your brain, the cable of nerves connecting the two halves of the brain – the corpus callosum, becomes deeply stimulated increasing blood flow and chemistry forcing the two hemispheres to be integrated and work in harmony – what is termed as “whole brain synchronisation”. This phenomenon has led to the discovery of “neuroplasticity”, the brains ‘plastic’ like ability to reshape itself and create new neural networks.

Your mind will become more awakened, focused, with more insightful thoughts, an increase in overall mental health, enhanced cognitive performance, better memory and intellectual functioning. Feeling more peaceful, happier and optimistic.

Successful entrepreneurs that practice daily meditation include Tony Robbins, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the late Steve Jobs, Marc Benioff, Ray Dalio, Jeff Weiner, Arianna Huffington, Hugh Jackman…. The list goes on.

Many of the World’s top companies now offer meditation to their staff including Google, Apple and Facebook, why? Because their staff are more relaxed and calmer, more focused, sharper thinking, with increased creativity and motivation, feeling healthier, with less anger, reduce stress, anxiety, depression and addiction, ageing is slowed down, improve sleep, feeling more ‘at peace’ with the world.

Dr Bruce Lipton, Stanford University Medical School, a highly respected cell researcher and author of “Biology of Belief”, states that “Stress is the cause of at least 95% of all disease”. Isn’t that enough reason to meditate?

I hope that you find these articles informative and inspire you to start practising these techniques and improve the quality of your life? When is it the right time to start? There’s always an excuse, a reason why we don’t do something or start something new. Make time for yourself – after all, it is your life. As always, I hope you have enjoyed the input. I look forward to seeing any discussions and interaction from the community – more next week…

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