Mindset Weekly Article 14 – Hypnosis – Can You Hypnotise Yourself?

Mindset Weekly Article 14 – Hypnosis – Can You Hypnotise Yourself?

Adrian Leach

Senior Mindset Coach at Samuel and Co Trading. While studying and practising many energy healing systems spanning 40 years (EFT, TAT, TCM, Yuen Method, NLP, Applied Kinesiology, Qigong etc). He gained qualifications in Massage, Reflexology, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. His goal is to continue to help his clients experience freedom from life’s emotional trauma, stress, negativity, limiting beliefs and to holistically balance the Mind, Body and Spirit.


Hi everyone, welcome back to my weekly article. In last weeks article, I talked about hypnosis in general, what can and can’t be done and what can be experienced. In this article, I want to talk about Self-Hypnosis and is it possible?

The answer to that is yes, it is possible to hypnotise yourself by training your mind to relax. In article five, we covered the Silence the Mind technique of breathing and relaxing the body. If you didn’t read it or aren’t practising it, I would suggest that you do. So here you’re going to be in control of your experience without a therapist, recorded music or brainwave entrainment. I’ll explain about that in another article. You’ll be able to relax quickly and change your ‘state’ (mindset, feelings and behaviours) of mind whenever you want.

Hopefully, by now, after reading the articles I’ve written so far, that you’ll understand how the subconscious mind is ‘running the show,’ so to speak. Anything that you consciously want to do or change, whether that’s breaking an old habit or creating a new feeling has to be ‘approved’ by the subconscious mind, otherwise, nothing happens. Remember, that the conscious mind is fed information via the programs held in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis creates powerful transformations at the subconscious level of mind when we’re experiencing theta brain wave frequencies. In order to experience the theta level of mind, we need to silence our conscious ‘internal voice,’ Initially, I suggest that you practice the Silence the Mind technique. This will allow you to experience being comfortable and relaxed without the ‘internal voice’ bothering you. A lot of young people experience difficulty getting to this stage, just because their lives are so frantic, that they don’t give themselves the quality of time to relax. Many people feel uncomfortable sitting down and doing nothing, but with practice, these feelings subside and eventually start to feel comfortable.

Ok, so let’s get prepared, ready for this practice. First and foremost, turn the phone off, and go to the toilet. Get yourself comfortable sitting in a chair, preferably in a quiet room where you won’t be disturbed by people, children or pets. Then, allocate a time for this session; ten minutes, fifteen minutes, thirty minutes etc. By doing this you inform the subconscious exactly how much time you intend to spend relaxing.

What I suggest is that you read through the whole process while practising the breathing method with your eyes open, so that you understand what is expected of you. Once you’ve read through the process and you know what you intend to do, close your eyes and relax.

  1. On a scale of zero to ten, how relaxed do you feel? Where a zero means 100% relaxed and a ten means that you’re really stressed.
  2. Set your intention that you want to deeply relax.
  3. Focus your attention on your breathing and breathe deeply in and out through your nose, taking the same amount of time breathing in as you breathe out. Focus your attention on your body and notice if you feel uncomfortable? If you do, then, just readjust your posture until you do feel comfortable.
  4. Now, take five deep slow breathes and exhale slowly. Try and take longer to breathe out with each breath.
  5. Now, this time when you take the five deep breath’s, I want you to repeat slowly to yourself, as you exhale slowly;

Exhale “one, I am becoming more and more relaxed,”

Exhale “two, I am safe, secure and relaxing more and more,”

Exhale “three, going deeper and deeper relaxed,”

Exhale “four, becoming ever more calm and relaxed,”

Exhale “five, my body is becoming heavier and heavier as I relax more and more.”

  1. Now, this time when you take five breath’s I want you to focus on your body as you exhale slowly, and notice it getting heavier and heavier as your breathing becomes slower and slower. Notice the rise and fall of your chest.

Exhale “one, my body is becoming heavier,”

Exhale “two, heavy as lead,”

Exhale “three, sinking down, drifting down,”

Exhale “four, relaxing more and more,”

Exhale “five, becoming more and more calm and relaxed.”

Don’t be concerned if you don’t experience this heaviness straight away as it will gradually increase. And don’t be concerned if you forget what to say or say it in a different order. It doesn’t matter. What is important is your intention to relax.

  1. Now, this time I want you to imagine doubling your relaxation with each and every breath that you exhale. Again, just enjoy the experience. Don’t be concerned if you don’t experience this relaxation straight away, it’s just a process that takes a little practice.

Exhale “one, doubling my relaxation,”

Exhale “two, doubling it more and more,”

Exhale “three, sinking down, drifting down,”

Exhale “four, relaxing more and more,”

Exhale “five, doubling my relaxation more and more.”

This whole breathing process will only take you a few minutes. The longer it takes, the better. Don’t rush the process, take your time and don’t be concerned if you don’t go as deep as you expected to, it takes practice.

Now, to help you go deeper and faster, what I want you to do is create a word, a trigger word that represents this level of relaxation that you’re experiencing, ie (relax, comfort, freedom etc.). Anything that makes sense to you? We’re going to use this word as a ‘trigger’ to fast track you down to this level of relaxation straight away.

So again, we’re going to set the intention that, whenever you intend to relax or do hypnosis, you’ll get yourself in a comfortable sitting position, exhale, close your eyes and say your ‘trigger’ word three times ie (relax, relax, relax). With the intention that; this level of relaxation that I’m experiencing right now, is the lightest level that I’ll ever experience. Each time that I intend to go through this process, I’ll go twice as deep, twice as fast, always going deeper and deeper so that I will gain maximum benefit from this trance state.

Now, go and practice, practice, practice and enjoy the journey…..

I hope that this article will inspire you to start practising? As always, I hope you have enjoyed the input. I look forward to seeing any discussions and interaction from the community – more next week…

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