About Samuel & Co Trading

Samuel Leach started Samuel & Co Trading in 2012 after successfully implementing his personal trading strategies to grow his trading account and this caught the eye of the public.

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Teaching traders since 2012

Since our inception in 2012, we have expanded our client reach from not only the UK but globally too

Since 2016, we have taught over 3,000 people from 63 countries how they could potentially build their wealth either through earning a second income from trading or learning how to become a trader full time through our various programmes. Our team have one common goal: To help as many people as possible to achieve the level of wealth we believe is possible via trading the financial markets.


Our Work Ethics

We believe in better

And that is projected through our team of successful and experienced traders and coaches. Whether you are an investor or a junior trader our team aims to provide the best guidance and support you need to progress in the financial markets. Due to our reputation and feedback from individuals, we have worked with, our market presence is growing rapidly.

Meet the team

We pride ourselves on adhering to these core principles


We build relationships based on trust and care for others. We seek quality in everything we do and accept accountability.

Social Responsibility

We do our best to look after our community and the world around us with our charity events.


We tell the truth, communicate clearly and aim to deliver on all of our promises.


Meet The Team

Samuel Leach
Matthew Wright
Kathy Robinson
Elliot Guinn
Raj Singh
James Leach
Liam Sharvell
Atish Patel
Dale Shore

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